About Bird

Your extra layer of guarantee

Our donation to important projects

What is bird?

100% free and open tool kit
Prove, sign and verify snapshots from data
Identity & access management
Automatic validation & notary service
Explorer customization and configuration

Platform of trust method
Trust network creation
Step by step configuration
Smart custody and key management
Blockchain agnostic

Why use bird?

Extra layer of guarantee
Efficiency improvements
Practical solution for mistrust in a supply chain
Secure confidential content with public proof:
Availability (notarization of proofs via public hashes)
Confidentiality (of underlying and interfaced data)
Integrity (of contracts and agreements)

Why do we need bird?

95%+ of the projects labeled as blockchain are pointless. Nearly all projects are just database-implementations, covered in marketing mist around the blockchain hype.


Meet the team.

The bird principles?

Open source only
Public blockchains/hybrid
Full transparency
Donations only, no investments
Independent board and steering team

Blockchain Bird is patron of Blockchain Commons, which supports open public blockchain infrastructure, internet security & cryptographic research.

Three activities:

  • Our own projects (funded by a single main sponsor)
  • Spending of funds on External Projects
  • Spending of valuable time on External Projects

Our own projects

Card game illustration

Our spending of available funds on third-party projects

Blockchainbird sponsors meaningful projects (see Github repo for more info).

2019 : https://smartcustody.btcpay.blockchaincommons.com

2020 : Blockchaincommons.com general patronage DIF project KERI basic sponsoring of initiator of the project Blockchaincommons.com Torgap project

2021 : DIF project KERI?

Contributions to third-party projects

Apart from donations in money, we would always contribute work to stay closely involved. Our ultimate goal is to become an integral part of developments that make a better world.

See Github repo for more info on what we are specifically doing for third party project involved.

Why we focus on Digital Identity to make a better world?

Because the internet is broken and the way we people accept being treated by governments and big corps is sick. It all starts with truly self sovereign identity and it’ll be damn hard to achieve.

Why hard? Because it’s not in the interest of those in power to give up power and opportunity, that’ll end in a dystopia of totalitairianism and surveillance states. It might well take a few decades to sort this out.

Go to https://github.com/blockchainbird/bird for more info. Also see our Wiki. Contact us if you are interested to co-develop, donate or build use cases.